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I read a good article this past month and it got me thinking about the barrage of emails and requests that I (and I am sure you, too) recieve on a daily basis to sign up for this or that social networking site. There is Facebook, Linked In, Xing, Plaxo, Naymz, Squidoo, and a local one in Atlanta that is going around, just to name a few. I get emails telling me that people have looked me up only to find that if I want to see who did so, I have to pay more money. Ugh!

So what should you do? Sign up for all of them? I have signed up on several and while I find them entertaining, for the most part they haven’t benefitted me that much. You can take courses on how to make the most of your experience in social networking if you have the time and energy. A friend of mine, David Nour instructs people on how to establish themselves on some of these and get the most for your efforts.

My advice would be to use some of the more popular ones and any that pertain specifically to your industry (there are some sites for specific industries like: ThomasNet for engineers and ITtoolbox for technicians). I use Facebook and Linked In primarily because there are more people on these so your odds of getting your name noticed are increased. Naymz is good for getting your name legitimized on the Internet. Past that, I am dropping several because I haven’t seen value and most of the people that are on them have gravitated over to Facebook and LinkedIn.

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