Are You a Victim or a Victor?

Which Story Are You Telling?

The world economic crisis is forcing everyone to tell their story. Listen, you can hear them. Call them on the phone and you REALLY hear it. Meeting planners, presidents, contractors, CEOs, sales managers, owners, self employed, doctors, etc. are all telling their story. “We’re cutting back; I can’t afford it; We’re just trying to survive; It’s the economy; It’s Washington’s (or Ottawa’s, London’s Paris’ or Canberra’s) fault; No one will come.” These are all victim stories. “I’m a victim, hear me cry!”

Did you watch the Congressional hearings in December when the Big Three automakers testified begging for a government handout?

If you pay attention closely you will notice that no one likes to hear victim stories. They chase people away. The last thing anyone wants to hear is someone whining about how hard life is. We’ve all got problems. I don’t want to hear yours any more than you want to hear mine. Odds are your victim story is your own fault anyway. C’mon, you did something that put you there and now you are wallowing in that pool of self-pity for all to see. Poor, poor pitiful me!

Victory stories are attractive. They attract people. They attract attention. They attract followers. They attract money. Tell a victory story and everyone wants to hear more. They support you. They want to get on board. Victory stories carry strength and excitement. Tell about your victory and you can sell tickets. On American Idol the people who tell their victory story always have a huge following. And the great news is, you are just as responsible for your victories as you are your problems. They are your”fault,” too.

Leaders today who are telling their victory stories are making a difference. Did President Barack Obama get elected telling a Victim or Victory story? Look where it got him. He is known as “The Man of Hope and Change.” Whether it will translate into success is too early to be seen, but it drew young peole out to vote and got him elected to the highest office in the United States – in a day when most young people were turned off by politicians. Victory stories have legs and get you mileage.

What could a victory story do for you? What difference can you make by telling your victory story to your team, your customers, your clients, your prospects, your family or your community? No matter how bad times are, victory stories attract success.

1 Response to “Are You a Victim or a Victor?”

  1. 1 Janice Burroughs January 31, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    I cannot agree more. I founded my company and named it “Springboard” because of my experience and belief that our “low points” are the best of life’s classrooms. From there, we can CHOOSE to create a better next chapter in our life. Acceptance has been a powerful tool for me to share with others as a means to release the power of victim-creating events…and shift that power to being the creator/owner of our lives. I am glad to connect with you through a mutual connection, Deb Soutar. Her former employer bought my former employer, but I got to know her a bit in the year of transition. When multiple losses made it tempting to “wallow” a bit, I soon realized that those life experiences were another form of life school education for my life’s resume’; they fueled the passion
    (and released the fear) to reach out to others and create a company to do the same. I believe in silver linings! Best to you, and also to Deb! Janice Burroughs

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