Abundance vs. Scarcity

I heard a thought last month about the difference between those who have an abundance mentality and those who posess a scarcity mental outlook. How can you tell the difference?

People who see abundance believe in their hearts that there is enough to go around. They don’t hoard possessions, ideas or customers. They concentrate on serving others with the outlook that if they lose one, another will come along. Interestingly I heard an interview on Larry King Live after the presidential address on February 24. It was said that most people feel they are personally doing well, but they don’t think the country or world is. So why is there such a negative reaction today? Could it be the constant stream of negativity in the media?

I believe you will get out what you put in to your body and your mind – in multiples. What are you listening to or watching? If you spend your time listening to the talking heads or news reports, you are getting a constant diet of negativity and pessimism. you are being told how bad things are and how they will get worse. You are being fed scarcity.

Scarcity says there isn’t enough to go around. Hold on to what you’ve got and don’t give anything away. Scarcity tells you to concentrate more on your competition than your customers. I believe you get what you are concentrating on or looking for. As a result or concentrating on scarcity and yoru comepetition, you get more competition and fewer customers.  A friend told me that those who think about lack will become “lackeys.” Those who concentrate on the crumbs will become “crumby.” It’s not a matter of luck. Opportunities abound. Not everyone is looking for them, though. Looking with the eyes of abundance will help you see how much there is to go around.

What are you looking for? Scarcity or Abundance?


1 Response to “Abundance vs. Scarcity”

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