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Michael Jackson: The King of Re-invention?

The world was saddened to learn of the death of Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop. He was. Looking at the many retrospectives you could see Michael in his youth with his brothers (and sometimes his sisters) in the Jackson Five; his early solo career; the Wiz; Thriller; Moonwalking; Bad; Black or White; Dangerous; and his two marriages. As we watched, his image changed aeveyr few years. Like the changes or not, he was a genius at re-invention. Who would have ever seen the many different costumes, faces and brands he begat?

That same day, Farrah Fawcett passed away after losing her bout with cancer. Incidentally, in my recollection, this was the third time mega-celebrities died on the same day – Groucho Marx and Elvis Presley; and John Ritter and Johnny Cash). Again, a celebrity who re-invented her image. From Noxema commercials, to Charlie’s Angels, the Burning Bed and so on.

Why do we miss them? For many reasons, but they held our attention because they didn’t keep giving us the same thing year after year. They stepped out boldly to change when they wanted to reach a new audience (read: customers).

What are you doing now that is getting stale? What are you doing that is bringing you diminishing returns? How can you re-invent your image, life and business to reach a whole new audience.

How will you be remembered…if at all?

Jim’s Losers vs. Leaders: Indisputable Truths interview

See Jim Mathis’ interview with Diane Bogino of the Georgia Business Directory here.

Jim on TV and Sirius Satellite Radio this Thursday morning.

Jim will be on FamilyNet TV, Thursday, June 11, 7:23-7:50 AM EDT and Sirius radio (FamilyNet), on the show Mornings with Lorri and Larry.

What are People Buying?

If you have to educate people into buying your product, they probably didn’t want it anyway. If you have to “get them to see your way of thinking,” you are expending a lot of energy to get slim results.
Why not find out what people are buying and sell them that? They aren’t buying the bed in your hotel, they want a destination experience. They aren’t buying closets, they are buying organized storage space. They aren’t buying coffee, they are buying blends. They are buying outdoor grills, they are buying a cookout.
The sooner you figure out what people are using your product or service for, the quicker you will learn what to sell them. Sell what they are buying, not what you are pushing on them.

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