Leaders vs. Losers: People Buy What They Buy, Not What You Sell

As school begins, children all over the country begin going door to door to sell items from a fundraising sales catalogue to raise extra money for their school. A young boy came to my door with one of these last week. He looked scared. He looked shy. He looked unsuccessful. I offered to give him help. Here is the story I told him.

My daughter loved selling door to door when she ws younger. She had no fear of knocking on doors. She did that part well, but didn’t sell much. She would come home frustrated. However, one day I noticed on the back page of the brochure was Christmas wrapping paper. Iknow from experience that people never think they have enough wrapping paper for the holidays and start thinking about it in the fall.

“Honey,” I said, “when you go to the next door, tell them you are only selling holiday wrapping paper. Everyone wants wrapping paper in the fall to get ready for the holidays.” Armed with this idea she went back out, confident and smiling.

It worked great! She would knock on the door and only say she was selling wrapping paper. Most people were interested and asked to see what the designs were. Since they were in the back of the book, my daughter would flip casually through the pages to find them. As she did, the prospects could see everything else available. Most times, she not only sold wrapping paper, but chocolates, gift baskets, plushy dolls and a host of other things people saw on their way to the wrapping paper pages.

Her success was centered in selling what people wanted and were buying: wrapping paper. I know from her previous experience when she said she was selling things to raise money for school, no one was interested. I know that when she handed them her sample catalogue, they didn’t want to see anything. BUT when she marketed an item that people were already interested in buying, her sales skyrocketed.

The young man left confident and smiling. At the very next door, he made a sale…

Today, we can learn from this. If you do your research and homework, you will easily find what people want and will buy. Sell them that.

People buy what they buy, not what you sell.

Read more about this and “Losers or Leaders? The Indisputable Truths” at http://www.jimmathis.com/pdf/IndisputableTruths.pdf


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