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The New World of Work Interview

Check out my latest interview with Diane Bogino of the Georgia Business Directory:

The New World of Work – Examples of Reinvention

Market leaders will be wise to observe what is going on and re-invent themselves and their strategies. Newspapers who want to stay in business will have to find new ways to reach new readers and disseminate their news. According to Rance Crain of Advertising Age (a marketing blog), Meredith Publishing, for example, parent company of Better Homes & Gardens is offering a home-repair service through the magazine. And The New York Times, unwilling to wait around for more ads, has formed a wine club, a Knowledge Network with its journalists teaching online courses, and offers historical photos from its extensive archives.

Restaurants will have to find ways to draw in customers who don’t want to just eat out, but are looking for a different dining experience (Andy Sernovitz, staff write for SmartBlog says that restaurants can do several things to increase business creatively including Secret menu items, take-homes that are un-ordinary and creating their own holidays). Home builders will have to find more economical designs that don’t waste energy. With the health care debate of 2009 it is obvious that hospitals, nursing homes, doctors and health insurance companies will never have the same type of business they enjoyed pre-recession. It was said that one of the only sectors not affected by the recession was health care. But with a change in administration and different political initiatives in Washington, DC, health care may be changed forever.

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