Your Team Hates Working For You

Your team hates you. “Who? Me?” You say. Yes, you. They hate you for a multitude of reasons.

Before you fly off the handle and stop reading this, allow me to explain the top reasons your team can’t stand working with you. Remember the movie, Mr. Mom, with Michael Keaton and Martin Mull? Keaton attended his wife’s company picnic. There were competitive games, but the object was to let the hapless boss (played by Mull) win every time. They hated him. Well these are things you need to fix before you either have a full-scale mutiny or a going-out-of-business sale in the HR department.

MSNBC came out with a poll of work satisfaction last Winter.  It seems that in the first week of the new decade satisfaction with work is at an all-time low. Almost all of the comments about being dis-satisfied were associated with the management/employee relationship, or lack there of.

Some of the quotes associated with the poll were:

“I work for a small firm owned by vapid narcissists with no regard for the aspirations of those who make their opulent lifestyle possible.”

“I hate every part of it. Used to love my job, but over the past five years I’ve seen it go to hell due to poor management and people who just don’t care.”

“Not satisfied and I want a new one
I feel very disconnected from my job. Management is making bad decisions and not listening to the employees.”

“Plenty of payroll issues, as well as being hidden from the rest of the company and being purposefully held back from advancement.”

“Things have changed for the worse at my job. After 29 years I was demoted – with a large DECREASE in pay. So much for being loyal to people.”

What does your “team” think of you? I mean really think of you. Do they detest you? Just because you got presents and cards at the holidays doesn’t mean they love you. Just because they let you win the sack race at the company picnic and cheer when you get your award doesn’t mean they adore you.

Start building community. Start wandering around. Kudos to the new cable television show where the boss has to go to work alongside the everyday workers (anonymously, of course). Maybe more managers will learn something and start building community at work and give up believing they are successfully coaching a team. They aren’t and you aren’t. Wise up.


1 Response to “Your Team Hates Working For You”

  1. 1 Joe Jacobs - Helena MT January 7, 2010 at 6:37 pm

    If you’re charged with being a leader, it’s a good idea to turn around once in awhile to see if anybody is following, eh?

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