Haunted Hotels Marketing Their Paranormal Side

USA Today ran an article on February 26, 2010 about hotels with a paranormal history marketing it to people looking for a “ghostly experience.” Remember movies like Stephen King’s “The Shining” and “Ghostbusters”? The managers wanted to keep matters private and hushed. For years paranormal sightings and rumors have been hidden for fear it would chase away business.

But many people are attracted by the possibility of seeing a ghostly apparition. Hotels are tapping into that desire. Charlyn Keating Chisholm, a travel writing who lists haunted hotels on About.com said, “It’s a touchy subject. Some hotels fear it will scare off customer, and others worry guests who are looking for a supernatural even will feel cheated if they don’t’ experience one.”

Hotels in Key West, San Antonio, New Orleans and Charleston, SC are part of city ghost tours. The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas is one who is proud of its reputation for being haunted. It has driven their marketing. The marketing director for the Hotel Provincial, near Bourbon Street in New Orleans said the rumors are good for business. Bryan Dupepe said that years ago they would have shied away from mentioning it, “But I definitely believe over the past two years the fascination with haunting and ghosts has helped our business.”

What Bryan and many others have found is that changing their attitude about publicizing paranormal history attracts those interested in the experience. Instead of hiding it, they are promoting it. They have tapped into a need by many travelers looking for a haunted experience. What are people buying in your market that you have been hiding?
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