Who Cares Who Moved Your Cheese?

When a crisis occurs you will see everyone scramble and look for ways to solve it immediately. Visionaries look around and say, “What can I learn from this experience?” Reinvention strategists see the world of opportunities while those around them see a world of problems. Yes, it goes back to your attitude, but you can’t see the vision with just an attitude change. You need to see life as a series of victories. I tell my daughter that you are either telling your victim story to everyone or your victory story. Victims run people away from themselves. Victors attract a crowd of admirers…and other victors.

In the movie, Patch Adams, Robin Williams’ character runs into an older man who is a genius in a mental hospital for personal reasons. He continually asks people to look at his hand in front of them and tell him how many fingers they see. Every person answers “4.” Each time he rages that they are short-sighted and lack vision. Finally one evening “Patch,” Robin’s character asks the man the meaning of the riddle. The older man likes him and shows him that when he focuses only on the hand in front of him, he can only see four fingers. But if he looks beyond the hand and sees what lies beyond the hand in front of him, his eyes show him eight fingers. “See the world anew. See beyond the problems. See what others choose not to see,” he says.

Change leaders can see the big picture while losers only get a snapshot. They see what others choose not to see out or ignorance or fear. Leaders are reflective. “Why did that work here, but not there?” Instead of saying, “Who moved my cheese?” leaders say, “What else is there to eat and why can’t we make money selling it?” Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading Who Moved My Cheese, I just think that there should be a plan in place in case the cheese runs out and someone should start looking for something else while everyone else is eating cheese. That way, when it gets moved, the leader isn’t whining about who is to blame. The leader is the one with a vision that goes beyond the cheese!

Do whatever is necessary to create widespread understanding and commitment to a shared vision of the future. Write about it, blog about it, tweet it, put it up on YouTube.com. Let everything you do convey your vision. Converge all of your efforts into one place – not several to confuse everyone. Send a clear, consistent message of what you want to do and where you are going. Plant your flag in the ground and claim your territory. This will not only help you commit to the vision, but will help others commit and understand it better. You are garnering support for your reinvention.

Usually you have a vague notion that you want to or must do something different. Perhaps you research ideas on the internet or you read books to try to focus in on a set of possibilities. Now you are ready to cast the vision to the world.

Do you want help putting your vision into language your customers and culture can understand?


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