The Number 1 Product of Your Company is…People!

Your greatest product is the people who work for you. Inspire them, feed them, listen to them, free up their intuition and they will take you places you and your marketing design team could never imagine. Your people are creative beyond your wildest imagination. Their intuition and creativity can start you on the process to reinvent yourself. Use their creativity to present ideas in favor of the customer, and creativity to differentiate you from the competition.

Do you have programs for growing your people in place? Or are they simply coming in collecting a paycheck and going home? How many of your employees are on looking for another job?  If you aren’t growing your people you aren’t in the game. You need programs to grow your people, not cut back on them. You need a plan for monitoring their progress through strategizing with them and coaching. Are you participating in the growth of your people? If your people are being grown they will participate in the purpose of the organization and help you develop processes to serve your customers better.

What are you doing to tap into your people to grow your organization and sales? Have you even sought their advice regularly? No one knows your products, services, customers and complaints as well as your own people. Jeffrey Gitomer said recently, “When ‘survey’ companies ask questions of people, why don’t they ask the people actually doing the work?”  Why ask the CEO who isn’t connected with the product line, the assembly line, the sales system or the customer/client base? Why ask random customers in useless surveys, when your own people talk to the top customers on a daily or weekly basis?

Your people are connected and you can connect them further. Let them see who they are really working for. Don’t put a picture of yourself in the company, but the customers they serve. John Deere labels each tractor for the farmer they are producing it for. Every factory line worker knows who they are assembling each tractor for. They feel more involved in the process so they are more inspired to produce more effectively and discover ways to serve the purpose better.

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