What is the Toughest Decision You Will Ever Make?

Deciding to act on your reinvention is the hardest part. Like writing a term paper in school, deciding to get started is the hardest stage. Please understand that I maintain that reinventing yourself is simple. The only hard part I have discovered is deciding to take action. The risk involved is frightening to most people. The resistance is strong. Leaders who reinvent themselves say that this stage is the toughest one to face. They know what they have to do, but are unwilling for one reason or another to make the change.

Perhaps it is pride – we thought we were right in the first place. Perhaps it is short-sightedness. I was told by a door manufacturer that he knew that he had employees who refused to change, but he wasn’t willing to make them do as he said so he kept paying them to do what he didn’t want them to do. Perhaps it is fear of the unknown – we don’t know how circumstances will play out. But remember, you will decide to change when the pain of keeping the status quo is greater than the pain of making the transition to a better life.

In my own life I wasted too much time in denial and was afraid of taking the bold step forward. But when I finally overcame my fears and took the first step, the rewards were plentiful. I remember calling my wife while on the road and telling her that I wanted to fully commit to reinventing my personal life as well as my professional career. To that end I gave her permission, no, I gave her the authority to toss out everything in my wardrobe that she didn’t like and thought was out of fashion. When I got home, my closet contents were decreased by almost 66%! But the clothes we bought were much better than what I wore before. I was now getting compliments on my image from people who were noticing the improvements.

Be intentional and deliberate. Be clear about what you are trying to achieve and test whether that is what you are getting. Most of all be confident in yourself. Recall the many times you have adapted and adjusted in life before now and how your strength brought you through. You are a winner, or you wouldn’t be alive to tell about it today. An individual can get discouraged when going back and forth between dream and the reality checks it puts you through without realizing that it is actually a proving ground for resilience and stability in your new role.

I tell my friends that they will succeed when their determination exceeds their discomfort with the way things are. The more determination, the more success and the less the discomfort affects you. Does your determination outweigh your discomfort? Which is running your life?

Make the decision.


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