I Know A Secret!

In my opinion you need to reinvent your business constantly. If you are continually evaluating your results, you aren’t in touch with your business. I constantly question my habits and my systems for generating income. I believe that if you don’t reinvent yourself at least every two years in this fast-paced market and business environment, you will be OUT of business. But the desire to reinvent yourself comes with complications, fear and trepidation. We don’t want to take the risk involved to reinvent ourselves.

A friend once advised me to move forward under the assumption that I couldn’t fail. I have found this one of the most useful suggestions I have ever heard. The fear of failure holds most people back from taking a chance and making changes. If we knew we couldn’t fail, we would seem invincible. I was waiting on a client in the lobby of a large hotel. Seated near me was a woman dressed for an important interview. She seemed anxious. I asked what she was doing and she confirmed that she had an important interview. When she heard I had experience in motivating people she asked if I had any encouragement for her.

I told her, to act in the interview as if she couldn’t fail. Walk in with an air of confidence that everyone in the room will experience as an “electric” moment. To do this, just before you go into the interview room, say these words out loud to yourself: “I know a secret.” She smiled and the expression on her face reflected that she was confident. I said, “That is the look you want to convey to your future boss.” She did what I said and got the job. Later she was told that she was hired because she was the only person they interviewed who looked the part of someone who conveyed confidence.

How about you? What would your business look like in two years if you didn’t fail at anything you did? How much money would you be making? Would you be dominating your market? If your answer is “yes” then you know what the greatest obstacle is in growing your business – you. You are your own worst impediment. Your fears; your belief in your own inadequacy; your failure to commit. If you could get out of your own way, you would be overwhelmingly successful. So what is stopping you?

Want to know my secret?


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