Reinventing Your Community

Everyone has customers. People who “buy” from them. Reinventing your community involves finding out WHY people like you and what they feel they receive from you. Nothing makes people take notes more when I am leading a presentation on reinvention than when I ask, “Who is buying from you? What do they buy and what do they wish you would do more of for them?” Have you ever asked YOUR customers, “Why DO you buy from me?”

Your culture defines your community. What is the experience like in doing business with you? Who is in your community? It is easier to find a new audience to appreciate your culture than it is to find a new message to deliver. This is a saying professional speakers quote to each other. If one group isn’t listening to what you say and you are too married to it, then find a new audience. Reinventing your community means finding an audience who accepts your message whole-heartedly. It means researching who you want to reach and targeting everything you do to that market.

Ikea is not intended for every homeowner. If you have ever shopped there, then you know it is smart, European designs for people on a tight budget (customers purchase, load and assemble their furniture with minimal assistance from employees) with tight space to put it in. Companies like Broyhill, Manone, Haverty’s and Stickley aren’t competing directly with Ikea. But even high-end companies feel led to attract a new audience.

There is a community that you haven’t tapped into yet and they await your reinvented image and persona. They want to hear what you have to say directly to them. I ask clients who they could be reaching out to outside of their immediate community. Who hasn’t heard your message yet? NOT people who don’t want your message, but a community who you already have a message for but are unaware.

Start building community  among your followers.


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