Why Don’t People Care About Your Content?

Several friends asked me why I wrote great articles in newsletter each month, like “Your People Hate You” but the title of the newsletter was  “January Newsletter.” They told me I was hiding my content.  They were right. The the title left everything that is absorbing  about the content out.

So I reinvented my newsletter, tweets, Face Book posts and blogs. Why? No one cared. Well some did, but most weren’t interested in the content. Don’t misunderstand me, it was good content but the titles were running people off.  It is difficult to get busy business leaders interested in “March Newsletter.” Or a blog post titled: “Travelin’ in Mexico.”  Or a tweet called: “Reinvention Tip #569.” Who cares???

I get newsletters every day entitled, Debbie’s Newsletter, or Angela’s E-Zine.  One is from a Time Management “Expert” who is up to Number 355. (How am I supposed to manage my time and read 355 articles?).  The content may be great, but I get lost in the abundance of the word newsletter. I read a newspaper, but not the whole thing. The headline is what grabs me.  I discovered that I needed to say something that made people go from scanning their Inboxes to READING my material.

Then my video producer sent out a blast to his clients with the caption: “What do Zombie’s, a Grandfather and Atlanta Business Video have in Common?”  I bit the hook and opened it. Wow! What a great idea!

Before you send out the next email, blog post, newsletter or tweet, ask yourself, “WHY anyone would open and read this?” Why should they care what you think if it is pointless?

Here are some random thoughts as I read today’s busy Inbox:

  • Don’t tell me you’ve been to England.  It’s like having to watch your home movies.  Tell me something provacative about the English you learned that impacts my life or business.
  • Don’t call it Tip #347 . It’s like walking into a movie 2/3 into the plot.  That overwhelms me and makes me wish I had seen the first 346 of them to catch up to this one.
  • Don’t give me 12 management tips.  That’s boring title and too much to remember.  Give me “3 Proven Essentials to Survive the Present Crisis.” THEN put in a link to read the next 3, and then the next 3.  Now I am hooked (if your content is any good).
  • Don’t send me alerts for things that aren’t urgent to ANYONE but you.I am not interested in your deadlines that don’t motivate me where I am.  I noticed that Fox News puts up an “Alert” every time anything bland happens. An alert should be for real crises, like “Bombs are dropping: Get under your desk!”

Ask questions that I want to know the answer to.  Make statements that bring out my curiosity. Give me a title that grabs my attention. Turn me from an email, blog, twitter scanner into a READER.  Hook me on your content and I promise you, I’ll come back for more.

My goals is to help business leaders reinvent themselves  and their marketing by any means necessary.  But if no one benefits, it won’t happen.  They need to care about my content.  It starts with the title and builds from there.

Does anyone care about your content?

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