How Despicable Companies “Punish” their Customers

In an earlier post I said, “When the sentence opens with ‘Our policy is..’ it won’t end in your favor. When the sentence closes with, “This is for your security,” it isn’t for your security – most of the time.  It isn’t for your convenience either.

It is to explain why it is convenient for the company, government insitution or terrible sales person.  If you are being inconvenienced and they have to tell you it is for your security or safety, it isn’t.  It is to accomodate them.

My brokerage company changes my online password every six months, whether I want them to or not.  When I called to ask why I can’t keep the same access code or change it to what I want they said, “This is for your own security.”  So for my own security, I changed…brokerages.  It was easier and less hassle.

Have you ever had to go through multiple voice recording loops to identify yourself (name, account number, telephone number, etc.), only to be asked the SAME questions when a live person answered the phone? “This is for your security.”  No it isn’t. It is because you can’t tie in your voice mail with your live customer dis-service representatives.

Today, many companies use phrases like this to hammer their customers. If it is more convenient for you and less for your customers, you are not making it more secure. You are driving them away. You can learn ways to attract more people and not punish them for doing business with you in the process.

If you have to be remined it is for your security, it isn’t. It is easier and more secure to change companies.


1 Response to “How Despicable Companies “Punish” their Customers”

  1. 1 Lorraine July 20, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    Jim – your comments have just touched so many nerves, I cannot begin to tell you! thank you for so eloquently expressing the frustration I have been feeling for the past week. Hope to hear you at one of our conferences real soon, even if I have to personally drive down south, pick you in my car and drive you to Canada!!!

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