Bite Me!

In marketing you can’t give the store away all at once. People won’t respect or buy from you if you do. You have to give a nibble, or a bite.  Vic Osteen says:  “In marketing you need to first give just a taste, then a snack, then a meal.”  

He’s right, you have to introduce people to a nibble, a bite or a taste.  Then once they have your flavor on their mind, move them to the next stage.  This works in selling, dating, interviewing and at the mall for Hickory Farms.

For instance, let’s look at web site design.  Are people who visit your web site there to read your copy?

I’m sorry, but NO.

Most people on the internet are scanners, not readers.  So treat them as such:

  • Taste:  Give everyone a taste of what you do (Interest Stage).  Let them sample you.  Tease them with benfits you bring to the table.  Put beneficial information on your web site for scanners.  No one is reading all your copy anyway. Put benefits on the back of your business card (if you still use one). 
  • Snack:  Give the ones who like the taste a snack (Connection Stage).  Use your skills to draw them to a page that gives the information they are seeking.  Use your presentation to deliver what customers and prospects want.  Get paid, but show what else they can get from you. Offer products and services in bundles so. Get them on your mailing list as avid followers.
  • Meal: Give the ones who love the snack a meal (Engagement Stage).  Get your customers to come back for more, call you about continued services.  Sign them up for your content, services or programs.  Bring them back to you repeatedly for more and more.  Consult, coach, mentor, train and engage customers fully.

Blog with titles that draw attention (Taste).  Provide information that customers and prospects can use in their daily lives and businesses (Snack).  Make your followers loyal, devoted fans who come to you and only you for solutions and resources.

Put the world on a steady diet of YOU.

It starts with a bite!


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