Reinvent Your Lame Voice Mail

It’s amazing that we live in a technological age and we haven’t mastered voice mail.  I use the phone extensively in my business and I hear some really poor excuses for voice mail.  Most of the outgoing messages go something like: “This is X. I am not in now, but please wait for the beep and leave your message and I will return your call as soon as I can.”

Lame. Very lame.

Also very ignorant; bordering on stupid.  Why?  First, we know you’re not in…we got your voice mail!

Second: It’s 2010 already; everyone knows what to do after the beep.  Because in 2010 almost everyone has voice mail and has a beep.  This was semi-effective when only three people in your town had an answering machine and TWO of them didn’t know how to wait for the beep.

Third: If you want to stand out, then create an outstanding message.  Be creative – No I don’t mean those ridiculous unprofessional song messages, but use your voice mail to tell your customers what you do and what you WILL do for them.  Look, they are stuck listening to you, so they might as well learn something beneficial!

I tell people what I do that benefits them in a short sentence and that I will do it for them if they leave a message for me.

Think benefits to the person calling you; NOT your features.

When I am presenting to an audience, I my voice mail tells callers I am helping someone go from being down to being different; but if they leave a message, I will be glad to help them discover their difference NEXT.  

Here’s a thought for salespeople – use your voice mail message to sell to potential clients when you aren’t in. Keep it short and to the point. Pithy sells; paragraphs bore.

Want to Reinvent Your Voice Mail?  Here are some more tips to get your communication techniques into the 21st Century.

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