How Do You Avoid Mental SPAM Filtering?

Do your messages regularly get deleted BEFORE being read?

Are your email campaigns boring?

Do people not respond to your urgent pleas for their business?

Do your closest friends ignore your postings?

Are your tweets uselessly discarded?

Do your customers refer to your messages as “anti-social” media?

If you answered “Yes,” you are a target of Mental SPAM Filtering! (when people delete without even reading your emails, blogs, tweets, messages).

  • The subject lines are boring, they are consistently the same thing each day/week/month (Fred’s Weekly Newsletter).
  • They are numbered so high, readers are overwhelmed by the ones they’ve missed (Tip # 492 on being productive).
  • YOU TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPS, like you are shouting useless information (which generally is the case).
  • Boring titles (3 Leadership Tips to Help You Succeed; 4 Facts to Increase Your Sales;  7 Elements of a Clear Vision).
  • You tell the whole story in your headline (“Home Prices Drop 47%” vs. “Why Your Home Price Has Dropped”).
  • Updates on a family vacation, doctor’s office visit or day off (just make us watch your home movies if you want to really bore us).
  • Thoughts for the day, anyone could read on any devotional site or by reading your diary (quotes from Mark Twain, Vince Gill, Depak Chopra or your 2 year old).

Who cares? Everyone either writes about, passes over or already knows most of this junk.

Tim Ferriss says, “There is an art and science to getting blog posts to travel like wildfire.”

Here are some Reinventing Social Communication questions:
1. What practices turn you OFF when reading messages online?

2. What do you employ to get around Mental SPAM Filters?

Just curious… What makes people read and respond to your stuff?

Comment and let me know.

Some more ideas to reinvent your social media skills for intelligent messaging.


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