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What Business Are You In? Ask Your Loyal Customers.

Customer complaints are your loyal people telling you the business they wish you were in.

Comcast (now Xfinity) Cable has earned the distinction of being one of the worst cable companies when it comes to customer evaluations.  Comcast is known for blaming the customer’s equipment.  I was loyal because I kept calling to get them to fix my problems. As long as I kept talking to them I was their loyal cusotmer.

In February, I quit complaining to Comcast…for the rest of my life.  I was over their voice loop requiring my telephone number and account number – then asking for the same information when a live person answered. I was over the poorly trained representatives arguing with me.  I was over their supervisors ignoring my requests for call-backs.  I was over their lack of service. 

So, after months of calling their so-called customer service to report outages in internet and television services, I switched to Dish Satellite TV and my local telephone provider for internet.

I wish they had provided uninterrupted service.  I wish they took responsibility for their faulty service.  I wish they responded by calling me back when they said they would. I wish I didn’t have to enter useless numbers on the phone to a computer that didn’t record the information.  I wish they were in the “Make Our Customers Happy With Us” business.  But they weren’t.  So I fired them.

If more companies veiwed customer complaints as their loyal people telling them the business they wish they were in, then their mistakes could be excused. But they didn’t so I fired them. 

You choose your customers.  The ones willing to put up with your faulty service like you as long as you make them happy.  As long as you respond to their calls they are loyal to you.  The day you decide it is all about you and not them, they stop being loyal, they stop calling and complaining.   Allow them to tell you the business they wish you were in.  Then do for them. 

Reinvent yourself for the new world of customer service…before you get fired, too.


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