Losers Are Down; Leaders Are Different!

I have said for a long time that the economy isn’t down; it’s different.   I’ll add a corollary to that statement:

Losers are down; leaders are different!

If you view the economy as down then you view everything as being down.  Your spending is down; your activity is down; your budget is down; your people are down;  your customers are down (or gone); and (of course) your business is down.

On the other hand, if you see the economy as different, then you are doing different things.  Your spending is different; your activity is different; your budgeting process is different; your people are different; your customers are different; and your business is different.

Blockbuster is down; Netflix and Redbox are different.  Palm, Inc. is down.  Is Apple down?  No, they are different.   Corn syrup is down; organic is different.  Borders is down; Amazon is different.

I work with a lot of state, national and international trade associations and I see this truth every day.

How else can you explain how some trade associations in small states are filling conventions and getting top name presenters; while  associations in the same industry in larger states can’t get anyone to commit to showing up?  I see it in their leadership.

How else can you explain middle car companies like Pontiac and Mercury going out of business and Lexus, Lincoln and Buick surviving?  It is in their leadership.

Leaders see things differently and act accordingly.  They not only watch their competition, they get closer to their customers and improve or overhaul their services to meet changing needs.  Leaders inspire their people to serve others in the best way possible.  They get up everyday and make things happen.  They don’t wait for an upturn, a recovery, a bailout/handout…  They seize the moment and grab the business.  Losers flounder, whine, seek pity and crawl into a shell waiting for everything around them to improve before acting.

How are you being different from what you were just two years ago?  How are you being different from everyone else in your association or industry?  How are your customers buying and acting different from what they were when times were better?  The answer is in YOU and your world view.

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