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You’ll Never Work in This Business Again!

“The times they are a-changin’.”
                                                  -Bob Dylan

It’s Your Choice
The US and world economy have taken a beating over the last few years. They have been at the brink, recovered then wandered more into uncertainty. Just a few months ago, it was announced that several major corporations are reporting profits for the first time in many quarters, but unemployment statistics in the United States (and the world) are still at all-time highs. Now some economists seem ready to declare the recession officially over. It isn’t for many, though.

I won’t argue with you that these times are tumultuous for business. They are rough and many people have found themselves out of work, out of business and out of luck. I meet them every day. I can also tell you that many people have to face challenges that they would have never have faced had things remained unchanged.

Without any doubt had I not had the difficult times in my life, I wouldn’t be the strong person I am today. Had I not changed colleges, I wouldn’t have met the people I know now who are major influences in my life. Had I not decided to quit my previous occupation, I wouldn’t be enjoying what I do now for a living. Had my business not fallen on desperate times, I wouldn’t be “The Reinvention Strategist™ .” You get the idea…
Each of those changes was difficult. They often came as a result of a change in my life or environment that I had no control over. But they HAD to be made if I was to evolve into the person I became. You can’t choose your environment. You choose how you react to what is going on in your environment. You either choose to act positively or negatively. Either way, it’s all your choice.

It’s a whole new ball game…


We’re Not Gonna Take It!

“There is only one boss: the customer.”
-Sam Walton, Founder of Wal-Mart
Customers are different today than they were just two years ago. Your customer is smarter than ever before. He/she has far less patience with poor treatment.  They definitely don’t care for your self-serving policy manual (if you even have it written down).  The business “game” has changed and the customer is dictating what is and isn’t relevant in business.
You’re Fired!

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