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Wander Your Organization

From Reinvention 101, Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Walk the floors.  Visit the cubicles.  Go out into the “field” to visit your sales staff and customer service representatives.  Spend a day with each branch manager or vice president.  Spend quality time with frontline workers, sales people, customer service representatives,call center/telephone responders, supervisors, help desk personnel, etc. 

Ask them what they like about their work.  Ask them what improvements they wish you would make to streamline their job or please the customers.  Take a notebook with you and write down everything they tell you. 


Encourage their feedback.  Let them know telling you is safe for them.  Thank them and say you will be back to report on your progress to them.

Bold Idea:  Borrow someone’s cell phone (so the caller ID won’t give you away) and call the office while you are out.

…and ask for you! 

What does the receptionist say when they answer the phone for your organization?  How hard is it to get to you?  Where do they say you are?  What do they say about you?

 You can’t begin the reinvention process for your company, your association or your organization until you know where people are at this very moment in time.

Fight for Your Staff

From Reinvention 101, Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Your staff are the people who you depend on for ideas and productivity.  If they feel you won’t go to bat for them, they will not go to bat for you.   Nothing is more frustrating than a boss or manager who won’t step up and support their employees.

Empower them to make decisions in your absence.  Then fight for them when they do.  Help them feel safe and secure.  Be their champion when the chips are down.

Reinvent the way you talk and deal with your staff when they aren’t there to defend themselves.  They will be loyal to you forever!

It’s More About What You DO; Not What You Say…

No one cares what you say NEAR as much as what they see you do.  Someone somewhere is watching your actions.

And watching…

Watching to see if your words match your actions.  Watching to see if you are willing to live out the stupid rules you made for everyone to follow.  Watching to see how successful you are under the same circumstances they are under.

What you say can be writeen and/or recorded. 

What you do will be emulated and copied.  It will be videoed and placed on YouTube.  It will be repeated in office breakrooms.  It will be posted on Facebook.  It will be made fun of at social gatherings.  It will be remembered forever. It will make or break you as an example, model or standard by which everyone is measured.

Watch what you say.  It needs to mirror your ACTIONS.

Act Like the Person You Wish to Become

From Reinvention 101, Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Decide who you want to be.  For instance, do you want to be the most successful sales person in your business?  Then ask yourself every day with every decision, “What would the top sales person do in this circumstance?”  “How would he/she dress?”  “Where would he/she go next?”  “What would he/she say?”  “How would she address prospects today?”

You will find yourself becoming what you act like and attract like-minded people. Reinventing yourself starts with deciding on the outcome you want.  What you like, what you desire, what you are willing to do outside of your present comfort zone.

Work When No One Else Is Working…

“The early bird gets the first worm; the ONLY bird gets them all.”

I have an amazing client list and schedule.  I know that sounds bold, but I don’t care.  I am busy every week leading presentations or strategic planning sessions with banks, health care facilities, broadcasters, construction companies, CEOs and associations.  It is amazing compared to most people in this or any business today. 

Here is my secret:  I work at times no one is working so I have very little competition.  No, I am not a work-a-holic.  I am driven by a passion for what I love to do.  Yes, I love my job.  That statement alone puts me in a category of much less than 20% of the general population.  nI am doing what I enjoy and it blesses me to do it.

Having said that… I don’t have a problem doing my job on days that I don’t feel as motivated as on other days.  I don’t mind working when I don’t see continual success.  If you love what you do, then on your worst day, you are doing alright.  On your best day… well, you can figure that out.

Next, because of that passion that I have for what I do, I work at it when others seldom work, so there is very little competition for me.

Let me show you how to make that happen in your world.  I have identified seven times that I have noticed over 30 years in business that practically no one is working to compete with you.

Want to reinvent yourself?  Then work:

  1. Fridays
  2. Early (on most days)
  3. December
  4. During a recession
  5. After a success
  6. August
  7. When the boss isn’t looking

What can you come up with?

Buy Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself

What is on the BACK of your Business Card?

From Reinvention 101, Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Ever notice how when you give your business card to someone they turn it over to see if there is writing on the back?  You have just witnessed someone asking you for more of what you do. 

Sure, you put your features on the front of your card, but what is on the back?   Most people leave it blank, put a cute saying that has nothing to do with the customer or prospect or (ugh!) a logo about their own business.  Lame, very lame!

Who wants to see (or cares about) your logo (which is usually on the front of the card anyway! Logos don’t sell value.

What a waste of good space!

Use the back to give helpful information, resources, value and/or benefits for the person you give the card to.  Imagine that the person is going to keep the card on their desk, night stand, mirror or next to the phone to remind them of how helpful you are. 

Put something back there that will motivate them to take action or use your services for their benefit.  Put information that is about what THEY need, what THEY want, what you can do for THEM. 

Start using both sides to hook and reel in your clients and interested parties.

Reinvent your card!

Why High Achievers Are Managed Different

Teamwork doesn’t always work.  It does sometimes, but when it doesn’t, it’s because…
#1: Someone on the team won’t always work. Someone slacks off and lets the others run the show.
#2: High achievers won’t be treated like any other member of the team.  They demand more attention and rewards.

Look at the Minnesota Vikings professional football team.  This is a team in trouble.  Their star quarterback quit football for the last two seasons in February, then un-retired several weeks into training camp…and was immediately given the starting job. Could anyone else on the team do this?  Could anyone else in football do this?

Brett Favre has been injured, taken off the field in pain, thrown more interceptions than the back-up at his position in just the past three weeks, but he still can start anytime he wants to.  You don’t manage him like the rest, or he quits to find somewhere else he is wanted more (New York Jets, are you reading this?).  Meanwhile, the owners and general managers sit in the skybox.

Randy Moss, is acquired in a trade from New England because he isn’t happy with the lack of attention he gets from the Patriots’ QB and offensive coordinators.  He goes to Minnesota where he, to his surprise, isn’t the featured show.  The injured, “I can start and play anytime I want to” QB is the show.  Randy is released. Oh, and the Vikings still aren’t winning many games.  And the skybox is still occupied.

If you can’t manage a high achiever, or a whole corral of them, is it any wonder you aren’t “winning?”  If you lack the skills to manage the top performers, it isn’t their fault.  It’s yours.

Maybe the people who should be shipped out aren’t the players on the field, but the managers in the sky box.  If you are in your organization’s “skybox,” what are you doing to manage the top performers different?

Build Support Among Like-Minded People

From Reinvention 101, Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Too many politicians (both political and industrial) attempt to reinvent themselves by abruptly changing the organization without building consensus.  Why?  They don’t have any clue how to change anything… except the subject!

Begin by seeking out people who are discontented with the status quo in the same way or for the same reasons that you are.  Wander among your employees and ask questions that bring out the discontent they are suffering.  Take your staff to lunch individually and ask,  “Are you satisfied with the programs we are doing?” “Are we getting the results you feel we could if we put forth our best effort?” “How would you change things if you had the opportunity?”

Take notes and find those who agree with you.  Include their comments and suggestions where you can to build support. Use their discontent to build a base of support to take to the group as a whole.

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