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Is Social Media Bringing Down YOUR Regime?

A look at today’s headlines says it all.  Social media assisted in bringing down the regime in Tunisia two weeks ago.   Now the Egyptian government has shut down all internet communications to stave off their own demise.  People are rioting in the streets and the authorities are turning the communication lines OFF.

Or so they think…

It’s the same in business.  In the past year customers have used social media to broadcast their complaints about restaurants, hotels and airlines.  A disgruntled musician wrote a song that became viral on YouTube about his guitar being destroyed on a trip.

The result?  United restored his instrument and apologized.  Delta Airlines has a Twitter account solely to assist their customers who need help and are online NOW.

You can either shut your customers, your employees, your participants down OR welcome their comments.   Are you going to be the next evil dictator who refuses to listen?

*The first slide on my PowerPoint for every presentation has my Twitter name with an encouragement to:  “Tweet me if you hear something you like.”   I ask the introducer to tell everyone, “Leave your cellphones ON while for this presentation!”   When they get the idea, they love it!

Does your organization have a “punishment” or “penalty” for employees who leave their phones on during a meeting… OR are you encouraging them to give you feedback, connect with you and use the same techniques to stay in touch with your customers that you want them to use?

Wise up!  Reinvent your meeting policy. Their phones are on anyway.   How can you get them to work WITH you, instead of working AGAINST you?

Dare to Try Things that Aren’t “Safe.”

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself

If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?  Would you make more sales calls?   Would you increase your budget/spending?   Would you try a new plan?   Is the “safe” route working for you in the new economy?

Write down what you would do different.

Now go out and do it.   Shake things up.

You will be surprised how much you can accomplish with this belief.

YOU Control The State Of The Union!

“The rules have changed. In a single generation, revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business. Steel mills that once needed 1,000 workers can now do the same work with 100.

Just recently, China became home to the world’s largest private solar research facility, and the world’s fastest computer. So yes, the world has changed. The competition for jobs is real. But this shouldn’t discourage us. It should challenge us.”

-President Barack Obama, State Of the Union Address, 2011.

Are you ready to accept that challenge?  What has changed in your sector? What has outpaced your business or technology?  Where do you need to make adjustments in this changing world to remain competitive?

Is it time to reinvent yourself, like many others who are thriving in a different economy?

Reinvention Trending…

Note how often you hear about people reinventing themselves this week.

References to cities, companies, organizations, governments, communities and many others… even in the State of the Union address.

Are you part of the reinvention trend?

Differentiate Yourself

Differentiate yourself so much that the market can’t confuse you with everyone else in your industry.  Make a definite distinction between you and anyone else who claims to do what you do.

Make what you do so unique that your competitors would have to think WAAAYYY outside of the box to beat you.

Be so unique that you are the only one who does what you do.  There is only one Facebook; one Starbucks; one Ferrari; one Best Buy; one Netflix; one Oreo(actually they come in a pack); one Amazon; one Google; one Microsoft; etc.

Your goal should be to become so distinct that no one could be you, or do what you do EXCEPT YOU!

Practice Generosity

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

Give things away for free.  Ideas, services, products, samples, thoughts, inspiration. etc.

I get notices all the time on Facebook. LinkedIn, Twitter, mass emails, etc. from people who want me to sign up for their webinar or training course to teach me how to use social media the “right way.”  No value or information up front.  Just a guilt-filled advertisement.  Ugh!

Basically they are trying to make a buck off people who don’t have a buck (so I am NOT their target, but I get these mass mailings anyway).  They use scare tactics and float mysterious titles designed to make me want to blindly hand over my cash wad or credit card and I will make millions. Yeah, right!  (If they were making millions, they would know how to market better.)

If the information is so valuable, give it away.  If it is really good, people will come back for more and you can charge them for that.  Vic Osteen taught me the following recipe:  “Give people a bite, then a snack then they will buy a meal from you.”

Don’t be so concerned that people will steal from you.

Some will.

Most though will appreciate and return the generosity shown to them.  I give my newsletter away once a month and get hired almost every time by people who see the value and want more.

If the product has value, then give away a bite or a snack.  Then they will come back for the snack and the meal. If they don’t come back all you have lost is a bite…

You have not because you give not.  You only grow by giving to others.

“What are we NOT doing that you WISH we would do for you?”

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself

Start using questions like this on your surveys (instead of 1-5 scale ratings):

“What are we NOT doing that you WISH we would do for you?”

“Where are we falling short?”

“What needs do your customers have that you (and no one else) is meeting?”

Your customers will tell you what business you need to be in—and it may surprise you.

They will help you develop a process or service that places you in an industry all by yourself— an industry of one!

You Choose Your Customers, NOT the Other Way Around.

Customers and clients choose you after you choose them.

How do you choose them?  By your marketing.  It attracts who you want it to attract.

And chases away everyone else.

So who are you attracting…and who are you chasing away?

Start choosing the customers you want.

Convenience ISN’T Where You Are…

It’s a general rule in real estate:  location, location, location…  Whoa!  Convenience isn’t just about geographic location.  It’s about accessibility.

It’s not about where YOU are.  It’s where THEY are.

What is on the BACK of your business card?  That is a convenient place for you to market the benefits to your clients, customers, members and prospects.

What is on your voice mail?  That is a convenient place to tell what you do for people; that you are doing it now, and you will do it for them next.

What is on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages?  That is a convenient place for you to tell of your successes with others that you can translate for your followers NEXT.

Where are you located in relationship to your clients needs and desires?  It isn’t about where you are…

Where are THEY?

Compete With Yourself

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself

Who are you competing with?

Decide that every day you will be a little better than you were the day before.

Try to make yourself the person you want to outdo… instead of someone else.

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