Is Social Media Bringing Down YOUR Regime?

A look at today’s headlines says it all.  Social media assisted in bringing down the regime in Tunisia two weeks ago.   Now the Egyptian government has shut down all internet communications to stave off their own demise.  People are rioting in the streets and the authorities are turning the communication lines OFF.

Or so they think…

It’s the same in business.  In the past year customers have used social media to broadcast their complaints about restaurants, hotels and airlines.  A disgruntled musician wrote a song that became viral on YouTube about his guitar being destroyed on a trip.

The result?  United restored his instrument and apologized.  Delta Airlines has a Twitter account solely to assist their customers who need help and are online NOW.

You can either shut your customers, your employees, your participants down OR welcome their comments.   Are you going to be the next evil dictator who refuses to listen?

*The first slide on my PowerPoint for every presentation has my Twitter name with an encouragement to:  “Tweet me if you hear something you like.”   I ask the introducer to tell everyone, “Leave your cellphones ON while for this presentation!”   When they get the idea, they love it!

Does your organization have a “punishment” or “penalty” for employees who leave their phones on during a meeting… OR are you encouraging them to give you feedback, connect with you and use the same techniques to stay in touch with your customers that you want them to use?

Wise up!  Reinvent your meeting policy. Their phones are on anyway.   How can you get them to work WITH you, instead of working AGAINST you?


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