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You Can’t Treat Everyone “Fair.”

Some workers are just better than others.  In most organizations 20% of the people are producing 80% of the work.  It’s called the “Paretto Principle”, or 80/20 Rule.  I learned it from John Maxwell, but it is fairly common knowledge in business…since the late 1800s.

For instance, 20% of your sales staff is producing 80% of the results.   20% of your volunteers are performing 80% of your services.  And so on…

You have high-achievers in your organization who outperform everyone else.  You can’t treat everyone the same because these high performers will resent being grouped in with the lesser productive people and will either leave to find a better paying (and more appreciated) position OR start underachieving.

Either way, you lose if you treat everyone the same way.

Value vs. Pricing: Are You In Charge?

If you determine what you sell, the customer sets the price. If customers determines what they want to buy, you get to set the price.

Give Away the Store!

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

The Dead Sea is “dead” because it continually receives and never gives.

Few people can name three major lottery winners, but most people can name great philanthropists like:  Stanford, Duke, Stetson, LeTourneau and Paul Newman (Paul Newman gave proceeds from his sales of condiments and dressings to charities every year).

Learn to give of yourself and your prosperity.

Made Up Truths

My friend Doug Murphy sent me this message last week when  the Reinvention Nation Newsletter came out:

“Your people always know what’s happening in the organization . . . you can either keep them well informed, or they will make it up.”

He’s right you know.

Keeping everyone in the loop keeps you in business.

Start trusting the people who have your back

…or they will bite your back.

“THANK YOU for Taking Me Off Hold…”

“Thank you for taking me off hold.   I have wasted the last 15 minutes of my busy schedule listening to your Muzak, redundant advertisements and most importantly being told, ‘Your call is very important to us.’

I have gone on with my life, but will be back momentarily.  My business is so important to me that I am talking with your competitor right now,

…who was smart enough and hired people to take my call.

I will only be a few moments.  Please understand that your taking me off hold is very important to me and I will get back to you as soon as it becomes more important to me.

I will be with you shortly…

or maybe not!”

Meanwhile, it’s time to Reinvent Your Service.

Civility? Avoid Negative People

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

You can get very depressed staying glued to the news.  No one seems to be happy and depression is rampant.

Civility is the trending topic after the terrible incident in Tucson last month (which had less to do with civility as much as sanity).  Civility in government, in politics, in the media, on social networks, etc.

Unfortunately, many people would rather drag other people down to their level than lifting themselves up.

It feeds their insecurity.  They can only feel good when everyone else is bad.  It sells papers, gets listeners, makes people want to tune in.  But for all the wrong reasons.

There is always another business liquidation, another 7,000 employees laid off, more bad economic news, the list goes on.  And many feed on that information.  They are obsessed with it.

You can’t let the depressive, negative people in life drag you down.  You must rise above the “downers” in life.

Leaders who don’t subscribe to fear mongering in the media or their social lives are the most successful.  They rid themselves of the negative influences and people.  You should, too if you want to go from being a loser to a leader.

How Do You Handle Objections?

I never bought anything because I lost an argument.

I never sold because I won.

Are You Being “Kindled” Out?

My friend, Joe Calloway noting the demise of record stores like Tower Records said that the Kindle might be the replacement for paper books.

He’s onto something here.  iTunes “Kindled” out record stores and CDs.

And it’s not just about books and music, Joe…

  • Netflix has Kindled out Blockbuster.
  • Wal-Mart Kindled out Main Street
  • The Droid is Kindling out the Blackberry… and maybe the iPhone?
  • Home Improvement centers Kindled out Hardware stores
  • The internet has Kindled out Cable News Network.
  • Democracy is Kindling out dictatorships in the Middle East (with the help of social networking).
  • Add yours here…

What is the “Kindle” in your industry and how can you make it yours…first?

Stay Focused on the Main Thing

From Reinvention 101: Bold Ideas on Reinventing Yourself:

In the ancient world, farmers often used a tree, stone or another stationary landmark to guide them in plowing their fields.   It was important for a farmer to keep focused on the marker to plow a straight furrow.

In the days before compasses, GPS, powered farm equipment, sextants, surveyor marks and on-board navigators they knew how to stay focused.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Keep your eye on the prize!”   He knew that focusing on the results – the main thing – was the only way to be persistent and reach the goal.

What are you doing to make the main thing The Main Thing?   How are you keeping everyone on the same page?   How are you or your people allowing distractions to interrupt you on the journey?

Find creative ways to keep the company’s vision statement or production goals for this year in front of everyone in new and different ways.   What is your focus right now?

Inventing a Job vs. Finding a Job?

From The Social Network: “Harvard students believe that inventing a job is better than finding a job.”

That is great. Inventing vs. finding is the more creative alternative…

But in my opinion Reinventing Yourself or your job becomes the best of both.

It keeps you on edge.

It keeps you ahead of everyone else.

It makes you unique and different.

It makes you ask, “How can I do this better than I did before?”

It makes you answerable to…no one but you.

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