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“Your Right Hand Person” Staff Training

You Hired Them; We’ll Train Them!

“Jim Mathis….You ROCK!!! Thoroughly enjoyed our conversation yesterday and the plethora of great tidbits you shared on truly launching a stellar speaking career. I’m on it!”    -Lisa, Texas

The most frequent question asked me by other speakers:  “How does Marti Cox (my Right Hand Person) keep your posterior on an airplane?”  They want to know what she does that makes her indispensable to our business.   What exactly does she do to be my Right Hand Person?

Right Hand Persons keep you (or the speakers you represent) on an airplane, or in the black.  They are the voice of your bureau or business that the world knows BEFORE they hear your voice.

“… I just could not write fast enough!!  Wow!   Jim Mathis has just given me such clarity and insight into the ‘business’ of speaking.  It was so worth getting up at 5am to speak with you!”     –Sally, Australia

Speaker conferences, workshops and breakout sessions all say they “train” staff.  NONE of them teach what you need in detail about how to keep your schedule full.   We have an answer to what staff need most…

 “Let me be not the first or the last to say that Jim Mathis is a role-model for each and every one of us… and clearly Marti is very good at what she does!  I will look forward to hearing more.”     -Joy, Florida

Jim Mathis… I made 10 calls and got one following Jim’s simple advice. Thanks for the 30-minute consult, Jim, you SOB – Sales Oriented Bubba – and I mean that.”     -Tony, South Carolina

NOW, Marti and I are doing what no one is offering:  Teach your staff how to secure many regular paying clients.   You hired your staff, we will train them for you.

In two jam-packed hours of fast-paced value we will:

Change Your Strategy (Session 1, Jim Mathis):

  • How to find your target niche and eliminate wasted time.
  • Where to secure paying prospects often for your speaking services.
  • Who to engage; how to get directly to that person.
  • How to draw leads and qualify them when they call you (and they will!)

Change Your Results (Session 2, Marti Cox):

  • Qualifying the client’s needs and values.
  • What to negotiate to maximize each engagement.
  • When to communicate your value as a speaker or bureau.
  • How to follow up and be a low maintenance office for clients.

*Staff Training Bundle Includes:

  • Bibliography and resource list of over 20 qualified resources that speakers and bureaus need.
  • Jim’s latest book: Reinvention Made Easy
  • ***BONUS: Two 30 minute private sessions with Jim & Marti to customize your staff training.

  “I was taking notes like mad.  Jim got it right and his ideas are outstanding, straight and inspiring.  Now I know precisely what to do to find groups and people who are willing to pay for what I’ve got to say.”     -Thomas, Germany

When:  Two NEW sessions to choose from:

5 Spaces* Available:  August 8-9,  2PM-3PM EDT  (11-12PDT)


5 Spaces* Available:  August 10-11,  7PM-8PM EDT  (4-5PDT)


1 Spaces* Available: July 11-12, 2PM-3PM EDT (11-12PDT);
2 Spaces* Available: July 13-14, 7 PM-8PM EDT (4-5PDT)

Online LIVE streaming video broadcast!

How much:  $2,000.00 per office (one size fits all!).  If you are a speaker with one staff person or a bureau with 12 you pay the same price for your office log-in. (You will make it back on the first client you book!)

Registration:  Call Marti Cox:  +1-888-688-0220 from 10AM-4PM Eastern Daylight Time USA to register.

Sorry, this is on a “first come” basis.

*Spaces will fill up early so we must take paid reservations only.

Other coaching clients said this after 30 minutes of intensive marketing training from us:

  •  “I cannot believe how VALUABLE your information is to me.  I have tried to make my own calls and rely on others to be the bureau that I want them to be, and it never worked.  In the time we spoke, I learned so much on how to take charge and control of my professional future using the tips and tools that you gave me.”     -Tanya, California
  • “I’m still hyperventilating an hour after speaking with Jim Mathis.  Step one: Get with Jim.  Step two: Start calling prospects for speaking engagements.  Don’t ask why.  Just do it.”     -Bob, Massachusetts
  • “Call me another satisfied ‘customer’ of Jim Mathis, who kindly offered to give advice for finding speaking clients…
    I came off our call just now with four pages of notes and a game plan that makes a lot of sense and costs little more than dedicated effort over time.  Thanks, Jim”     -Michael, New York

Call +1-888-688-0220 and make your reservation.

Be Less Wordy

What can you say about what you do and be brief about it?

The Gettysburg Address was one of the shortest presentations on the program the day President Lincoln gave it (the more famous orator spoke for over two hours).  Yet the brevity in Lincoln’s words struck a chord that resonates today.  Almost no one can remember what the other fellow said…or his name.

How can you summarize what you do, who you do it for and what it means to people in less words, using simple, easy-to-understand phrases?

Short, but to the point. It’s that easy.

Change Your Educational Strategy; Change Your Economic Results

It’s time to reinvent the way we educate our children about Math and money.

Every one of us will have to know how to handle, save and spend money for the rest of our lives.

But how do we handle it now?  Change our habits.
• Any financial advisor will tell you that each year most people retire with little or less than enough savings set aside to live on.
• Any credit counselor will tell you that most people carry more than $5,000 in debt every month and don’t make a habit of paying off their bills when they are due.
• Any banker will tell you that they make most of their money off of people’s bad spending habits (overdraft fees, excessive use of credit accounts, etc.).
• I will tell you that young people have no knowledge of basic financial habits that they will need to even start their first job.

We don’t know or care enough about the US economy and the crisis it faces today because we don’t know enough to manage our own finances.   So we keep electing other people to handle (or mis-handle) it for us.  And then we ignore it, because we can’t understand it in our own lives.

It would mean more to us, if we acted responsibly in our lives, our schools and in our households.

When You Hit The Wall, STOP!

Stop moving.  Stop denying.  Stop attempting greater efforts.  Wasting your energy fighting The Wall simply wears you out even more.  So just stop and know that you are not alone – The Wall stops everyone.

Unfortunately, some people keep banging against it, trying to pound through it, all the while ignorant of the fact that they can’t.  Stop hitting The Wall.  You are not a child’s wind-up toy that, though having hit an immovable force, you must invariably and unsuccessfully persist.  Unlike the wind-up toy, you are not pre-programmed and left on autopilot.  Instead look at where you are.  Find out why there is a wall in your path.  What is causing The Wall to be in place?

The very presence of “The Wall” is forcing a change.  Oprah Winfrey said, “Failure is really God’s way of saying, ‘Excuse me, but you are moving in the wrong direction.’”  What is your wall forcing you to change?

We can sense our walls every day and either accept them or reject them.  Rejecting always puts off the inevitable.  It costs us more in the long term to deny The Wall than it would to recognize and act on it.  When was the last time you began to feel a cold coming on and denied it?  Eventually you had to give in and just allow yourself to be sick.

Accept and learn from The Wall.  It is trying to teach you something.  If nothing else, to sit back and slow down.

Fan Loyalty vs. Fan Frequency

Atlanta, Georgia (my home town) has accomplished something no other US city has done – lost two NHL professional hockey teams to the Great White North!  Many US teams came from Canada to more money and fans down South. But we just sent the Thrashers to Winnepeg, after sending the Flames to Calgary in 1980.


Because frequency beats out loyalty.

Atlanta has had a loyal fan base for hockey for years…they just don’t show up frequently to watch the team play.  The Thrashers close to  the bottom of NHL attendance for most of the 11 years they were a franchise in town.  Now they are gone…along with what little revenue they brought in.

Interesting note:  Fans in Winnepeg bought over 4,000 tickets for the un-named team within a few hours, once the franchise announced their move.  Frequency beats loyalty any day of the week.

Are your fans, customers, members, clients loyal, or frequent?   They can be the most loyal in the world, but frequency will determine whether you stay in business (and where).

Thankful for My Competition

I come from a spiritual tradition that teaches you to love your enemies.  The problem I always had with understanding this concept was the explanations I got as a boy.  The reason I was given was that loving your enemies will turn them toward liking you and being less enemies and more friends.  That may be right, but I would like to suggest another reason to love your enemies.  You are what you are because your “enemies”, or competitors keep you on your toes.

Reason #1: Our enemies make us better at what we do.

Our enemies force improvements in what we do constantly. Our enemies keep us focused on where they are moving and keep us vigilant.

Would Home Depot be as strong if Lowe’s wasn’t competing with them? Not at all. They both sell to people who want to do their own home improvements and the competition not only keeps prices lower, it enhances their respective service.

Reason #2: Your competition is a blessing in disguise.

A competitor once lambasted me years ago and when it was over, I thought he had actually done me a huge favor.  He had forced me to make changes in the way I did business.  I didn’t realize how relaxed I had become and had made critical errors in judgment.  They were errors that could have been damaging to me for years to come.  But he caught them and revealed them.

Sure, at the time I was really angry and hurt.  I thought this was the worst crisis I had ever faced.  It wasn’t.  It was a blessing or favor in disguise.

Reason #3: Your Enemies Won’t Let up.

Your enemies aren’t going away.  They smell blood in the water and they are circling around in the hope there will be a “fresh kill.”  They are waiting for you to make a slip or mistake.  They are watching your every move all the time.

Good.  Good for you and good for your customers.  And good for the sake of competition.

CNN has to stay on target because Fox News has become the Number 1 cable news network.   As a result, CNN is constantly changing their programming and lineup.  They can’t let up because Fox News won’t let up.  Now both are kept on target because the internet has become the most popular source for news today.

Where would you be without your closest competitors?  They are the stones that sharpen your knife blade.  They rub you and hone your skills to be razor sharp.

Love them.  But beware of showing them your weaknesses.  Remember, they are watching…

It’s NOT About Price; It’s About the Value of Keeping Cool!

What a surprise I received when I began looking for a new air conditioning system for our house last month.   Who would think buying an air conditioner would be a sales learning experience?

One salesman tried to run down every other company in town.  Still another tried to prove that his system and service was superior (oversold it to us is more accurate).   Another one criticized us for getting bids from anyone else and having a faulty system in the first place.   They all seemed to have answers to questions we never asked.

After several exhausting interviews, some friends suggested a local company who helped them after a storm.  They said this company was the only one who came and said, “We will fix your problem” – not:  “How much money did the insurance company give you?”

Hugh came on an incredibly hot day and immediately asked if we were comfortable at night in our home.  We answered, “No.”   Then he told us what we had wanted someone to say (no one had yet), “Whether you choose us or not, I won’t leave your system without enough Freon (refrigerants) in it today.  You won’t sleep hot tonight.”

He didn’t try to sell us a “system” (Features); he sold us on having a cool night (Benefits)!  He didn’t have to get permission from the boss to satisfy us.    He carried the authority to make his company and boss look good by making us happy.

No slick presentation.  No list of awards/accomplishments.  No put-downs of us or competitors.  Just asked what we really wanted… and delivered it.

We hired him.  We didn’t have to think about it.  He won our business by asking us what we wanted and giving us what we needed.

Empowering Hugh to satisfy the customer made him the winner in the “Keep Our Family Cool” contest.

By the way, his price wasn’t the cheapest.  We didn’t care.  We wanted to be cool.

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