“Your Right Hand Person” Staff Training

You Hired Them; We’ll Train Them!

“Jim Mathis….You ROCK!!! Thoroughly enjoyed our conversation yesterday and the plethora of great tidbits you shared on truly launching a stellar speaking career. I’m on it!”    -Lisa, Texas

The most frequent question asked me by other speakers:  “How does Marti Cox (my Right Hand Person) keep your posterior on an airplane?”  They want to know what she does that makes her indispensable to our business.   What exactly does she do to be my Right Hand Person?

Right Hand Persons keep you (or the speakers you represent) on an airplane, or in the black.  They are the voice of your bureau or business that the world knows BEFORE they hear your voice.

“… I just could not write fast enough!!  Wow!   Jim Mathis has just given me such clarity and insight into the ‘business’ of speaking.  It was so worth getting up at 5am to speak with you!”     –Sally, Australia

Speaker conferences, workshops and breakout sessions all say they “train” staff.  NONE of them teach what you need in detail about how to keep your schedule full.   We have an answer to what staff need most…

 “Let me be not the first or the last to say that Jim Mathis is a role-model for each and every one of us… and clearly Marti is very good at what she does!  I will look forward to hearing more.”     -Joy, Florida

Jim Mathis… I made 10 calls and got one following Jim’s simple advice. Thanks for the 30-minute consult, Jim, you SOB – Sales Oriented Bubba – and I mean that.”     -Tony, South Carolina

NOW, Marti and I are doing what no one is offering:  Teach your staff how to secure many regular paying clients.   You hired your staff, we will train them for you.

In two jam-packed hours of fast-paced value we will:

Change Your Strategy (Session 1, Jim Mathis):

  • How to find your target niche and eliminate wasted time.
  • Where to secure paying prospects often for your speaking services.
  • Who to engage; how to get directly to that person.
  • How to draw leads and qualify them when they call you (and they will!)

Change Your Results (Session 2, Marti Cox):

  • Qualifying the client’s needs and values.
  • What to negotiate to maximize each engagement.
  • When to communicate your value as a speaker or bureau.
  • How to follow up and be a low maintenance office for clients.

*Staff Training Bundle Includes:

  • Bibliography and resource list of over 20 qualified resources that speakers and bureaus need.
  • Jim’s latest book: Reinvention Made Easy
  • ***BONUS: Two 30 minute private sessions with Jim & Marti to customize your staff training.

  “I was taking notes like mad.  Jim got it right and his ideas are outstanding, straight and inspiring.  Now I know precisely what to do to find groups and people who are willing to pay for what I’ve got to say.”     -Thomas, Germany

When:  Two NEW sessions to choose from:

5 Spaces* Available:  August 8-9,  2PM-3PM EDT  (11-12PDT)


5 Spaces* Available:  August 10-11,  7PM-8PM EDT  (4-5PDT)


1 Spaces* Available: July 11-12, 2PM-3PM EDT (11-12PDT);
2 Spaces* Available: July 13-14, 7 PM-8PM EDT (4-5PDT)

Online LIVE streaming video broadcast!

How much:  $2,000.00 per office (one size fits all!).  If you are a speaker with one staff person or a bureau with 12 you pay the same price for your office log-in. (You will make it back on the first client you book!)

Registration:  Call Marti Cox:  +1-888-688-0220 from 10AM-4PM Eastern Daylight Time USA to register.

Sorry, this is on a “first come” basis.

*Spaces will fill up early so we must take paid reservations only.

Other coaching clients said this after 30 minutes of intensive marketing training from us:

  •  “I cannot believe how VALUABLE your information is to me.  I have tried to make my own calls and rely on others to be the bureau that I want them to be, and it never worked.  In the time we spoke, I learned so much on how to take charge and control of my professional future using the tips and tools that you gave me.”     -Tanya, California
  • “I’m still hyperventilating an hour after speaking with Jim Mathis.  Step one: Get with Jim.  Step two: Start calling prospects for speaking engagements.  Don’t ask why.  Just do it.”     -Bob, Massachusetts
  • “Call me another satisfied ‘customer’ of Jim Mathis, who kindly offered to give advice for finding speaking clients…
    I came off our call just now with four pages of notes and a game plan that makes a lot of sense and costs little more than dedicated effort over time.  Thanks, Jim”     -Michael, New York

Call +1-888-688-0220 and make your reservation.


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