Launch Day, August 29, 2011

Have you ever felt like it’s time for something different?  Maybe you have felt like what you’re doing just isn’t working anymore.  The economy is different, you’re different, and other people are different.  Everything is different in today’s global market.

In 2008 I found myself, like many others, wondering what to do when what had been working for so many years just stopped producing results the way it once did.  I found that what succeeded for me just a few years earlier had become obsolete.

I knew that I wouldn’t succeed with the old strategies and thoughts.  I knew that in order to move forward I had to reinvent myself!!  

When I did, things began to change.  My phone began to ring again, business began to boom.  People began to ask me, “How I did you do it?”  “Why are you doing so well when so many others are not?”  The new differences put me in demand.

So I wrote a book to help other business leaders and professionals reinvent themselves too.

REINVENTION MADE EASY: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results

It’s not your average business book.

It’s different.

It is not designed to make you feel comfortable.  Its purpose is to make you take a hard look at the world around you and make some un-comfortable decisions.

Reinvention Made Easy is about how people can adjust successfully in a world of higher expectations and constant change. It’s about how both companies and individuals are rediscovering their roots and reinventing themselves for the new global market.

It’s packed full of practical and easily implementable advice. 

When you read it you’ll discover:

  • When to reinvent yourself
  • 3 actions everyone must take when they hit “The Wall”
  • 10 key qualities that reinvention strategists possess
  • What you can learn from celebrities about reinvention
  • Reinvention strategies for your culture, your sales, your brand and more…
  • Plus… Each chapter provides Easy Action Steps that produce immediate results.

I’m excited because the book launches today! And I want to get this information out to help as many people as possible!  So I’ve thrown in a few “Launch Day Bonuses.”

BUY THE BOOK TODAY on and you will receive the REINVENTION KIT (a $200 value) at no additional cost.

The Reinvention Kit has some more valuable and easy to implement information including:

  • Reinventing Yourself for the New World of Work- MP3 Audio Download
  • Leaders versus Losers- MP3 Audio Download
  • Making Failure Your Friend- MP3 Audio Download
  • Living in Three-Quarter Time-MP3 Audio Download
  • Reaching Beyond Excellence-MP3 Audio Download
  • Speaking with Spirit -201 Quotations for Life- PDF EBook Download
  • Reinvention 101-PDF EBook Download


Pick up your copy of REINVENTION MADE EASY: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results from today.

Amazon Buy Now Button

Go to the website and enter your First Name, Primary Email Address and Order Receipt Number from your bookstore purchase receipt in the form on the bottom right.  If that doesn’t work, just forward your email receipt to me at

Either way, you’ll get your Launch Day Bonus downloads right away.  (But if you send it to me it will take a little longer because I’m not always by my email.)

Plus, I am donating $1 from every book that is sold to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

WARNING: The Reinvention Kit Launch Day Bonus offer expires at midnight tonight.

Buy Reinvention Made Easy on

3 Responses to “Launch Day, August 29, 2011”

  1. 1 Tony Marino August 29, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Hi Jim, Please reinvent yourself and offer your book as a Kindle. As much as I love books with paper pages, I read books on my iPad. I’m a news reporter at a Google News website, in the field most of the day, my iPad is always with me. When I’m waiting, and I do A Lot of waiting, I can read important info. The premise for your book is FANTASTIC! Now please get it into As Many Hands and Brains as possible.
    Tony Marino
    Executive News Editor

  2. 2 jimmathis August 29, 2011 at 10:58 am


    How I wish!!! I have learned a lot about books on this project…

    For instance, it is up to Amazon to make it a Kindle, not the author. You may request it in Kindle version on their web site and they will speed up their process. We have waited for several weeks for them to “Kindle” the book. I will be the first to get one for myself the day they do.

    Thank you so much and enjoy it on your iPad when Amazon roles it out!


  3. 3 Pamela Waterman August 29, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    Hi Jim,

    Congrats on the book launch – always a red-letter day. As a business owner (one person!), author and publisher, I agree that the world of commerce is changing ever so quickly; no doubt we have to be open to it if we want to succeed. I’m in the process of reinventing my brand right now, so I look forward to your insight. And yes, Amazon is in charge, but I’m sure a Kindle version will come soon. In the meantime, hard-copy still works for me.

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