Three Social Media Places To Find a Job (and a BONUS)

Are you one of the unfortunate 14 million (and that’s just the ones they counted) who didn’t get a job this past month ?  Do you think you are alone? Obviously not.  You have more “friends” in your network than you realize…

Here are three places you probably haven’t looked for employment and one that will really set you apart.  If you knew about them, don’t worry.  Most job seekers know about them and don’t use them…

1. Facebook. With over 750 million users (reported in the New York Times, as of July 2011), Facebook is the greatest source for people to help you get employment. How many “friends” do you have on Facebook? Each can be a contact to assist you in getting employed. Do you have a Facebook Page (not a profile, but a page that you can advertise on and Google will pick up the information)? It, like your profile are FREE to all users.  You can post your resume; ask friends to send it to their friend lists; join (like) pages in the industry you want to work with; and of course, post articles, statements and your value to everyone to see…

But most people don’t.

I am shocked as to how many unemployed people I know who use Facebook and post stupid items…  their favorite songs; they fed their cat; vote for/against this issue; help me win “Mafia Wars;” fed the cat again; etc.  No wonder they can’t get a job!  Would you hire someone who is actively seeking employment and playing all day on their computer?  What do you think they will do once you hire them?  Yeah, the same thing.

2. LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is basically a business networking site where you “link” with other people to find out information, job postings and promotions.  It, like Facebook is FREE.  You can join and then join groups and discussions in the niche you want to find a job in.  You can like certain companies.  You can link with other people who are employed and they will assist you in distributing your name and resume.  Most importantly, you can target your information and post your name in areas specifically designed for job searches.

An unemployed friend of mine was hired by an inside company recruiter to work for their organization this past week.  The interview was generated through LinkedIn and the pay is phenomenal.  All he did was work his network and post his value and interests.  The calls started coming in!

3. Twitter.  Twitter is an unknown quantity to most people.  Twitter is growing daily.  Most people who have been on it for the past 3-4 years have many, many of followers who receive their “tweets” many times a day (in some cases).  What messages are you sending to the people who follow you that could get them to take notice of your talents, value and benefits?

I use Twitter to draw people to my web site, my blog and my information.  It has generated clients and many followers.  I started using it later than most and although my following is just below 1,000, it is populated by people who can help me broadcast my message.  The number grows daily…

Like me, you can post links to websites and articles.  Your “followers” can re-tweet your messages to their followers.  Again, the service is FREE and you can see how one message can go viral and multiply millions of times.

4. BONUS…YouTube.  This site has millions of videos (Most home made) of people talking, doing stunts, disaster videos (Plane crash in Reno, Nevada or Tsunami in Japan, for instance) and even television shows.  Quality isn’t the goal; value and benefits are.  What are you able to video on your smart phone, video recorder or skype (FREE) on your computer and post it.  Tell who you are, what you are really good at (That benefits an employer) and how they will be better off for hiring you.  Post it, then link to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Yes, this will take a little (very little) technical skill, but you can find a teenager who can do the project for a Starbucks coupon and 20 times faster than you can do it.

Sweatin’ Questions:  Are you posting political statements that only half the country/world agrees with?  Are you posting what your favorite songs are, when you are supposed to be seeking employment?  Are you pointing people to someone or something else that won’t get you hired?  How are you broadcasting that the job hunt just really isn’t that important to you?

Jim Mathis is an international speaking professional and best selling author of “Reinvention Made Easy:  Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results.”  To subscribe to his monthly e-zine and receive articles with thoughts like these, send a SUBSCRIBE message to:

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