Customer Appreciation All the Time

As a loyal, frequent and life-long customer of two financial institutions I am wondering why one day or week or month is set aside or designated in publicity and marketing for “Customer Appreciation?”

Why is it just once in a while?  Why not all the time?

I know this sounds like your parents saying, “Every day is Children’s Day” but it comes across like the other 365(6) days are all about the credit union and only one is about the members.  If it does to me, it must to them, too.

It’s like saying…”To be honest with you…” which makes you wonder if everything else the person has been saying to you wasn’t honest.  Does that make sense?

I am not being grouchy, just thinking like a customer who has choices to make.  Both my business/commercial account and my personal account treat me like a friend, an ally and someone who is very, very important to them.  I can call them from anywhere in the world and they know me, treat me like I am the only person who matters to them and want MORE of my business.  And they get it, too.

Challenge: Whatever you do on Customer Appreciation Day/Week/Month, do every day of the year that you are open.  Don’t advertise: “Every day is Customer Appreciation Day.”  Just do what you do on that day every day.  And advertise WHAT you do on every social media and publicity piece you have.  Seek out the value to the customers they want that sets you apart from every other financial institution they have to choose from.  Make that what you are known for in your community.

What can you be the “THE” of to them.  As in, “My company is THE place for me to…”

I think if you want to be successful, do what you do for your customers during your Customer Appreciation time every day and make sure they know that is your reasonable, regular, routine service.

We will notice, believe me.

Jim Mathis is an international speaking professional and best-selling author of “Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results.”  You may subscribe to his monthly free e-zine by sending a SUBSCRIBE message to:


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