It’s NOT About the Phone!

Lost in the wake of the death of former Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is the media frenzy announcement of the new iPhone 4S.  Everyone eagerly awaited the expected, but stunning announcement.

A year ago, in the depths of “the worst recession in recent history,” Verizon Wireless announced they would soon sell the iPhone.  At that time, AT&T exclusive rights to carry the popular model.

In February 2011 Verizon opened online sales of their iPhone, with plans to sell online first, then in stores about a week later.  But a problem developed and Verizon was forced to shut down sales after only three days.

The problem?  They ran out of phones online.

Yes, so many people were buying the high-priced product that Verizon sold them out prematurely.  Couple that with the high early drop fees from AT&T, the required contract agreements with Verizon and you had people willing to pay several hundred dollars to get the same, identical phone.  In the middle of “the worst…”


AT&T’s network is plagued with poor reception and dropped calls.  They kept selling phones though.

Verizon learned they weren’t selling phones.  They were selling:

“I want to talk to my wife.”
“I want to text my daughter.”
“I want to close the business deal.”
“I want to STAY in touch with the world.”

A working phone is a smart(er) phone. A poor phone is a paperweight.

AT&T is just selling phones and poor coverage.  Good luck with that.

Jim Mathis is an international speaking professional and author of the Best Seller Reinvention Made Easy:  Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results.  You may receive his monthly free e-zine with articles like this by sending a SUBSCRIBE message to


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