Is “Green” Your Gold?

Have you noticed how popular going “GREEN” is lately?

Green/organic foods and products are the rage.  Going paperless is called going “green.”  Even Subway and Burger King have jumped on the bandwagon offering avocado or guacamole as an addition to their regular sandwiches (the California versions).

“Green” (alternative fuel) automobiles are increasing in popularity.  Once on the ropes, Toyota has now introduced, not just a new Prius, but a “family” of Priuses. The Chevy Volt is now for sale and is becoming very popular among consumers wanting to get in on the green movement.

Green is in.

Trader Joe’s makes a fortune selling organic foods. So does Whole Foods and Harry’s Market. Aveda and Lush are expanding their businesses and markets selling organic cosmetics and products.

But did you notice that all this “green” costs more green?  Going organic and green isn’t cheap.  In fact, it costs more.  More money in a day and age when the media has convinced us that no one will spend money on pricey items anymore.  More money in a time when consumers are “cutting back” on the basic necessities.

It all points to what I have been saying… Present a value that customers want and people will not only pay for it – they will pay MORE for it.  Green is not cheap.  Green is valuable and people are lining up to buy it.

What is the “value” you offer that catches the movement, the wave or the concept people are attracted to?  What do you offer that customers will pay MORE for because they want to be a part of your movement?

Jim Mathis is a best-selling author and international professional speaker.  His latest book: Reinvention Made Easy, Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results became a Best Seller in 24 hours.  You may subscribe to his free monthly newsletter with provocative articles like this by sending a SUBSCRIBE message to:


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