Are You Listening?

In most conversations, people will tell stories about themselves.  After all it is our favorite subject to talk about.  Us!

Re-inventors listen. Your greatest skill in leadership is the ability to initially keep your mouth closed and your ears open to listen for trends, ideas and opinions.  Particularly if you listen to those that you don’t agree with.  Few people learn from those who are just nodding approval. Abraham Lincoln surrounded himself with his former opponents in his cabinet.

Allison Suter, Elite Nutritional Coach says this:  “I have spent the past 12 years completely surrounded by men. If you are not familiar with the guitar industry (her former career), it is about 90% men. I traveled all over the world talking to men, selling to men and of course…hanging out with men. In order for my marketing to be effective I had to study my male client down to the shoes they wore. I spent many years studying men’s behavior, eating habits and social habits.

Over the course of many years, I met men who are committed to being single, many who longed for a relationship and plenty who lived in a dead marriage. I became obsessed with studying the masculine and feminine complementing differences. I extensively studied nutrition and how our foods effect our mood, physic and zest for life. (Now) I am an elite nutrition coach that specializes in supporting men who experience low energy, frustration around work and who want to experience a hot relationship and ignite her to crave you.”

Employing keen listening skills around the men she worked with, networked with and sold to helped Allison create her reinvention.

Are you listening?  To whom and what are they saying that you can learn from?

Jim Mathis is an international professional speaker and author of the Best-selling Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results.  To receive his free monthly e-newsletter with articles like this send a SUBSCRIBE message to:

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