You Can Pay Me Now…Or You Probably Won’t Ever!

I watched a guy lead a very motivating program in front of insurance adjusters a few months ago.   There were many people who stood up and applauded because his presentation was very well done.  When the program ended, he met the throngs at the front of the room who wanted to buy his book with cash and debit/credit cards.

He only takes cash.

“Why?” someone asked.

“It takes too long to fill out the credit card information and give you a receipt.” was his answer. More than than two thirds of the prospective readers walked away…sad and discouraged.  UN-motivated!

We rented a home for a vacation and tried to pay with a card.  The realtor, who is hurting for business, doesn’t know how to take a card to hold the deposit.  We eventually got tired of working for her convenience instead of her working for ours.  We moved on.

A friend told me several years ago this phrase: “Never turn down money when someone is eagerly handing it over to you.”  Good advice.

I now take every type of card with a swipe device on my cell phone.  And when that goes down, I have a companion device.  I can also just write it down and enter it myself later so as not to in-convenient my customers when they are eager to purchase on the spot.

I know the stores that won’t take a credit card (Tim Horton’s coffee), the ones who won’t take American Express (the luggage repair shop in Atlanta) and an airline that refuses to take cash (Delta). Why?

It is more convenient for them to make YOU go out of YOUR way for THEM. Rather than the other way around.  If people are eager to hand you their payment, you should make it as easy as possible.

Costs on cards too high? How about the cost of inventory no one will buy from you? I have never had anyone walk away and buy from me online if they refuse me in person, with the phrase, “I’ll think about it.” I often laugh and say, “No you won’t!” It’s okay, they know I am joking….and I am right.

The next time you are eager to buy, check out how hard it is to get checked out!  How does that make you feel?  Your customers feel the same way.

Think about THAT!

Jim Mathis is an author and international professional speaker.  His latest book is the best selling: Reinvention Made Easy, Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results. You may subscribe to his free monthly newsletter with provocative articles like this by sending a SUBSCRIBE message to:


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