Are You Streaming… Yet?

Our family has a Netflix account.  We pay a monthly fee for two DVD movies at a time. But now discs are arriving scratched and it takes several days to get them turned around.  It isn’t very convenient.  But if we could download them directly to our television in our home, we could get unlimited movies for less monthly fees.

Enter Streaming Media!

The movie rental business is being totally reinvented.  I think the day is coming when most DVDs and Blu-Ray movies will be offered streaming online and most of us will only remember these scratched “cumbersome” discs as memories of the past.

Don’t laugh. It happened in the vinyl album/CD industry years ago.  It is happening now in the book publishing industry with the advent of Kindles, IPads, Nooks and tablet PCs.  It has already started in movie rentals with the demise of VHS tapes and the bankruptcy of companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video movie rentals.

The way you deliver products or content to your customers is changing fast.  It is putting many businesses out of “business as usual.” The ability to get a purchase or rent a product delivered at YOUR convenience has changed our way of life forever.  Cyber Monday (the internet shopping day that follows Black Friday) has become a greater event in the past two years than ever before.

So what has changed in your industry that alters the way your competitors deliver your same goods and services?  You thought you had it all to yourself?  Wrong!

What is “streaming” in your business?

Where do you need to make adjustments to stay in business in the next two years (so you won’t be OUT of business)?

How do you do the things you do?

Jim Mathis is an international professional speaker and author of the Best-selling Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results. To receive a free monthly e-newsletter with articles like this “streamed” to you, send a SUBSCRIBE message to:


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