Be Your Own Event!

Most traditional networking venues don’t attract people wanting to hire or buy something. They attract those wanting to BE hired or SELL something.

So AVOID most “networking events.”

What?  Yes, most “events” are populated by job seekers; not HR managers (or the CEO!). The top people stay away and send the bottom people. Really, they just don’t attend them.

Why? Seekers show up resume and business card in hand to meet someone looking to hire them, or buy from them. 

The problem is, most people who hire people don’t show up at these events.  Why go only to be inundated by job seekers?  Would you attend one of these after 5PM, if you were a hiring manager doing this at work all day?


Very few people are hired at a networking event.  As a result you have a bunch of individuals dishing out their personal sales pitch to other people doing the same.  If you attend networking events to get someone’s business, bad news: most of the people there are looking to get hired; not to sign your organization for a $10,000 contract on their sales or product packaging.

Here’s an idea:  BE your own network events.  If you are always prepared with your message,  then everything you do becomes a networking event. Christmas parties, football games, receptions, church functions, elevator rides, waiting for table in a restaurant, airplane trips, etc.

Be perpetually “on message” and use every opportunity to network. 

Oh, and as I said before, leave your business card at home. Get there card.

Change your strategy and it will change your results.

Jim Mathis is an international professional speaker and author of the Best-selling Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results.  To receive his free monthly e-newsletter with articles like this send a SUBSCRIBE message to:

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