Target Practice

The best sales and customer service people have eliminated everything down in their target to a narrow focus.

Lexus doesn’t market to every car buyer in the same way that Kohl’s Department Stores doesn’t market to every clothing shopper.  They know who the best client is for their product or service.

They go after them (and only them)… relentlessly.

We were watching a program on the Outdoor Living Channel about deer hunters. You ask them how to be successful and they will tell you. You have to know your target: how it thinks, where it goes and what you need to get it the first time. If you were going deer hunting, you wouldn’t take a shot-gun with you and shoot in every direction hoping to finally hit a deer, would you?

Of course not, you choose ammunition that that zeroes in on your prey; you wait for the right moment and then you aim very carefully. In the same way, when you market yourself, how specific and targeted are you?

I worked in another industry for years and the biggest problem in getting customers was a lack of knowing the target audience.  The ongoing argument was, “Who are we trying to get here?”  Finally, I had enough and went out on my own…

  • What is your target group or audience?
  • What do they need most?
  • What are their greatest problems/challenges?
  • What are they willing to pay almost anything for to solve those problems?
  • Where do they go most often to get solutions or their “quick fix?”

Oh yes, and why aren’t you there solving their problems right now?

Jim Mathis is an international professional speaker and author of the Best-selling Reinvention Made Easy: Change Your Strategy, Change Your Results. To receive his free monthly e-newsletter with articles like this send a SUBSCRIBE message to:


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