Fooling Yourself!

Only a fool goes to war without counting the cost. Else you make peace with your enemies. I got that from the Bible.

People who are in prosperity often don’t think it will ever end for them.

It does, though.  Many of us are poor money managers.

For most of my life the most stable possession you could have (from a monetary investment) was owning a home. Autos lose money. Stocks can lose value. Houses always INCREASE in value.

How is that playing right now in Las Vegas, Atlanta or South Florida? The recent recession made the housing bubble burst.

I heard a marketing speaker say that he wasn’t participating in the recession. ( I hear that a lot from many pompous people). Within a month he was begging… I mean begging people to attend his seminars – slashing prices and offering two-for one deals to attend.
American Airlines was once the largest airline in the world. Then Delta bought Northwest and United bought Continental. It was recently predicted in a Wall Street Journal article that American might be forced into bankruptcy in the next 12 months.

Don’t think that people will always want what you offer in only the way you offer it. K-Mart was the largest discount store when I was a teenager. Then came Wal-mart. Then came Dollar General and Family Dollar. Always look over your shoulder for someone who can (and almost always will) do what you do cheaper or more efficiently.

Don’t believe me? Just ask Research In Motion (makers of the Blackberry smart phone). Ask Avon products. Ask Nokia (again reported by WSJ).

You can never be “Recession-Proof.” But you can be fool-proof.

Only if you realize who the real “fool” is.

Are you fooling yourself?

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